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Sue specialises in helping couples to maximise their chances of conceiving by looking at all aspects of health & lifestyle.

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About Sue Calvert


Welcome to my website. Please feel free to call me for an informal chat at anytime to discuss your personal circumstances. I look forward to working alongside you, to improve your health and wellbeing.roulette 222

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An Individually tailored Treatment suitable throughout all stages of Pregnancy from 1st Trimester~ 3rd Trimester.

Time for you and your developing Baby to enjoy a bit of *us* time. Step off the treadmill of life.

Put your feet up and RELAX.



The National press nicknamed her “The Baby Maker” – a miracle worker that when it comes to fertility problems, infertility, conception and everything to do with getting pregnant, is doing what science can’t.

MindenekelÅ‘tt a szánalom súlyos nemét az erÅ‘szak áldozatainak adják. ElÅ‘fordul, hogy az ember véletlenül használja a ravaszt, és a nÅ‘ még rosszabbá válik. Ezeket a kérdéseket jobb, ha megvitatják a “parton”: talán egyszerűen nem érti, mennyire komolyan. Igen, és mindenesetre, ha akarod, és a másik nem, ez a téma megbeszélést igényel. Nem a barátokkal, nem látogasson el a webre hanem egy partnerrel. Nagy valószínűséggel megkapja a megállapodást, és mindkettÅ‘ megkezdi a szex örömét!


I have worked with hundreds of couples,
I offer a range of fertility information
and relaxation therapies.

They call her The Baby Maker - a miracle worker that when it comes to fertility problems, infertility, conception and everything to do with getting pregnant, is doing what science can't.


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The Chi Machine

The Chi Machine is a small compact device which gives an excellent form of passive exercise.
If for health reasons you are unable to exercise this fabulous little machine will do it for you.
The Chi Machine improves your oxygen uptake, and aids your lymphatic drainage.
Marvellous for aching joints and muscles,improving your breathing, excellent for those with Asthma, or other respiratory

The Sun Ancon (Sun Harmony) Aerobic Exerciser is the invention of Dr. Shizuo Inoue, a Japanese Doctor of medicine and
the former Chairman of Japan's Oxygen Health Association. Dr Inoue got his idea by watching Koi carp swimming and
considering the relationship between oxygen levels in the human body and the quality of health.
• If you would like to learn more about the Chi Machine, please visit

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"It makes me laugh! I'm still amazed by what I do!" said Sue who 45 years ago discovered she was capable of far more than giving manicures and massages. She believes she found an answer to many women's fertility problems and she could help women who had fertility problems get pregnant and to increase options to conceive they'd never explored.